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As the founder and CEO of Spoken Images (est. 1992)

and IMBess Studios (est. 2015), Dr. Bessie is gifted in the performing arts and entertainment arenas and has written, directed and produced over 200 successful shows including the 2012 independent film The Good Ole Days that has well over 3 million views on YouTube and other online video channels.  Dr. Ludd’s casts and choirs have performed for many charitable events throughout the Pacific Northwest, Northeast and Southern United States, including performances for Danny Glover, Tony Estella, The Make a Wish Foundation, The Boeing Company and many others.  The requests for Dr. Ludd’s productions have been endless.  

Dr. Ludd earned a degree in Business and has a Doctorate of Divinity.  She and her husband, Bishop A.  Ludd, oversee several churches within the United States and South Africa. 

Few have the ability to take hold of peoples’ lives and sculpt them into their God given destinies.  Like an artist with clay, Dr. Bessie Ludd shapes and transforms lives across continents through her gift of prophecy.  She is a life coach and gifted motivational speaker whose seminar on prosperity is one of her many life changers.  

Dr. Bessie Ludd